How foreigners views Thais


From August 12, 2016
Title: How farangs [foreigners] view Thais
Man with glasses, a foreigner: My god
On his headband: Thailand
On the machete: Referendum
On his right hand: Human rights
On his right leg: Freedom
On his left leg: Democracy
The man says: [Thia is] Happiness.
Mouse man: Wait until the new ones grow.
Mouse: Waiting for a miracle.

[This shows the view of those who oppose the both the new charter and the junta that drafted it. The new constitution rolls back many of the innovations first put into practice in the 1997 constitution that was meant to usher in an era of fully elected governments and independent oversight agencies.
Many restrictive parts of the new charter–not to mention the appointed senate–will mean that any future elected government will also have a very difficult time rewriting the charter to benefit themselves or pass an amnesty for Thaksin.]

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