Democrat savages attempt to stop amnesty

From Thairath, April 19, 2013
Cartoon title: Parliament… Tarzan
Men hanging on ropes: Hooo….
Papers in the air, from top: Protests, walkouts
Paper stacks on podium, from left: Amend the constitution; the amnesty bill
Sign on the podium reads: Spokesperson
On back of chair: The Democrat Party
Sign on the table at right: Quality opposition parties [This is a common Thai way of expressing sarcasm. It means the Democrat Party cannot be considered a good party becuase of the way they act in parliament. Man with eyeglasses standing behind table on the right is former premier and former leader of the Democrat Party Chuan Leekpai.]
On back of the hooded figure: Order to suppress the people; 100 dead bodies
Phi Nooring: Return to your jungle!
Mouse: No respect for the parliament
[This criticizes the opposition Democrats for, at various times, causing a ruckus in parliament to try to prevent the government from expediting amnesty bills and a constitutional rewrite.]

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