Coffee Made Chalerm Drunk

From Konchadluek, March 1, 2012
Left: Ar Ko! A cup of coffee, please. [Ar Ko means “brother.”]
Middle: Ar Ko says: I can’t sell coffee to children like you anymore. The child says: Aw, why not?
Right: I watched the parliamentary debate yesterday, and they said drinking coffee makes people drunk.
[Refers to the accusation that Deputy PM Chalerm was drunk at a meeting of parliament. In response, it was claimed that Chalerm was only drinking coffee.]

From Manager, March 1, 2012
Label: Warning: Drinking alcohol can cause insanity and impolite behavior.
Caption: He said he could read and understand the law, but he can’t read this label.
[Chalerm’s incendiary accusations in parliament make him part of a small number of Thai public figures who specialize in over-the-top, headline-grabbing statements. This refers to his allegedly drunken behavior in parliament.]

From Thairath, February 28, 2012
Left: How can you let that car go? The driver was clearly drunk.
Middle: Fat policeman: He insisted that he hadn’t been drinking. Thin policeman: If he didn’t drink, then why was the car swerving so badly?
Right: He said he’d been drinking coffee in parliament.
[Another “Chalerm drunk on coffee” reference.]

From Manager, February 27, 2012
Chalerm: Who’ll rape first?
Man sitting on the right: Phi Lerm. [Chalerm]
Caption: These people must drink to arouse themselves before raping.
[refers to the Charlerm who was accused of being drunk in parliament]

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  1. Wiz says:

    Man sitting on the right: => Ai Ten (Nuthawut Saikuea)

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