Coffee Made Chalerm Drunk

From Konchadluek, March 1, 2012
Left: Ar Ko! A cup of coffee, please. [Ar Ko means “brother.”]
Middle: Ar Ko says: I can’t sell coffee to children like you anymore. The child says: Aw, why not?
Right: I watched the parliamentary debate yesterday, and they said drinking coffee makes people drunk.

[Refers to the accusation that Deputy PM Chalerm was drunk at a meeting of parliament. In response, it was claimed that Chalerm was only drinking coffee.]

From Manager, March 1, 2012
Label: Warning: Drinking alcohol can cause insanity and impolite behavior.
Caption: He said he could read and understand the law, but he can’t read this label.

[Chalerm’s incendiary accusations in parliament make him part of a small number of Thai public figures who specialize in over-the-top, headline-grabbing statements. This refers to his allegedly drunken behavior in parliament.]

From Thairath, February 28, 2012
Left: How can you let that car go? The driver was clearly drunk.
Middle: Fat policeman: He insisted that he hadn’t been drinking.
Thin policeman: If he didn’t drink, then why was the car swerving so badly?
Right: He said he’d been drinking coffee in parliament.

[Another “Chalerm drunk on coffee” reference.]

From Manager, February 27, 2012
Chalerm: Who’ll rape first?
Man sitting on the right: Phi Lerm. [Chalerm]
Caption: These people must drink to arouse themselves before raping.

[This refers to the pressure to amend the constitution to afford some sort of pardon for Thaksin. The cartoonist equates this with rape.
The cartoonist says the resent apparent drunkenness of Chalerm in parliament was to allow him the boldness to rape the constitution.]

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