Threats Against Thaksin

From Manager, April 11, 2012
The Red Shirt leader says: [There’s a danger that] Mr. Thaksin might be assassinated during the pouring water Songkran festival in Cambodia.
Other people around are thinking: “Really?,” “Oh, good,” “Hope that it will be true.”
The caption reads: Who said there’s no good news from the Red Shirt group?

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3 Responses to Threats Against Thaksin

  1. albert park says:

    They really are quite fascist at the Manager aren’t they.

  2. MichelinMan says:

    Red vs yellow. Army vs police. The list of power-hungry factions is too long to list. But most certainly, fascist vs fascist. And more fool any real socialist who ties himself to either set of parasites.

  3. Wiz says:

    After reading the opinion of Khun albert park and Khun MichelinMan, I would incline toward Khun MichelinMan even though it is not exactly the same as the way I actually thought …. By the time those who share the same ideas as Khun albert park realize what is all about Fascist, it maybe time to see them becoming addict the versions of “Panem et circenses” instead of thinking about civic duties.

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