Asking for freedom like those kites

From Thairath, March 22, 2021
Title: Asking for freedom like those kites
Names on the kites from left to right: Mike, Pai, Penguin, Somyos, Anon, Rung, Amy

[Refers to the leaders of anti-government protests who have been jailed due to allegations that they violated Section 112 of the lèse-majesté law. Bail has been refused as the government claims they have shown they intend to repeatedly break the law. However, hundreds of lawyers and other advocates have spoken out that they should be granted bail as their continued detention is irregular and cruel.
The cartoon refers to the custom at Sanam Luang of kite flying. Student protesters apparently had a plan to fly many kites so that they hovered over the adjacent Grand Palace area, symbolically putting their demands over one of the symbols of royalty in Thailand.
The cartoon also shows the shipping containers lined up to block the protesters from approaching (and presumably occupying) the Grand Palace.]

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