Asiatique’s Facebook Page Vanishes After Criticism Over Two Price Policy

Asiatique Backs Down on Two Price Policy after Barrage of Criticism on Social Media – Richard Barrow, December 16, 2012

The statement has been removed, but Asiatique’s response to the sustained criticism over their pricing policy was quite stunning. It blamed “some groups of foreigners, expatriates and some foreigners’ spouses” for the controversy. It also demonstrates how there is very little emphasis on making sure what is written in English is correct.

Who are the foreign investors that Asiatique blamed the dual pricing policy on? Would foreign investors really decide to “pay something nicely back to Thailand and Thai people” as Asiatique claimed?

Here is a screen grab of their official statement:


Earlier: Asiatique’s public relations disaster – Why not gouge rich foreigners?

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6 Responses to Asiatique’s Facebook Page Vanishes After Criticism Over Two Price Policy

  1. Ray tang says:

    Richard barrow has created a lot of problems and Thai people should be angry at him as they now have to pay 250 baht instead of 200 baht. Lets see how much he pays his local employees compared to market rate and how much more he earns as a white person in Thailand.

    • Lord Dong says:

      Thai people should be angry at who? Are you on drugs? Why didn’t Asiatique LOWER the price for everyone? No, instead they raised it in order to stick it to the Thais too. You must be Thai yes? Typical irresponsible attitude always trying to put the blame on foreigners instead of admitting the truth and you’re wrong. Oh wait, Thais are never wrong. Foreigners are the cause of all the problems in Thailand.

  2. Phaethon says:

    What they should have done in the first place was not use the word foreigner but put ‘over 165cm’. After all, no one complained about the ‘not higher [sic] than 120cm’ getting a cheaper fare.

  3. Lord Lord says:

    Richard Barrow is such an idoit thing on earth. Also his mental disorder expats in Thailand never realize that they live on Thailand. The land that gives them food and live.

    If they hate Thailand, why don’t they go back to their home? Of course, because they cannot survive in their own country. So pittiful.

    • Peter Marshall says:

      Another anti-foreigner – racist rant ignorring the abhorent practice in Thailand of dual-pricing which if truth be told is only about racism and greed. Asiatique is a prefect example.

  4. Wiz says:

    Here is Thai nettizens’ angry responses to the critics against Double pricing … From their own experinces, The single prices advocated by Farang are a lot higher than even Farang’s Prices in Thailand!

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