As the President Arrived: Twitter Advice, Instagram Madness, and Thai TV

Above: After monitoring twitter feeds today as President Obama arrived in Bangkok, one realizes the president gets a lot of advice. If he followed it all, he would probably never leave Washington. It would be particularly interesting to imagine Yingluck demanding Obama close Guantanamo.

Above: On the internet, it is a rarity to come across anyone who does not think they know what is going on, but there is the occasional refreshing rarity like the above…

Above: Almost every tweeted photo of the President’s arrival in Bangkok was marred by pretentious Instagram effects.

Above and below: Thai TV had no live coverage or mention of the arrival as it happened. It stuck with its usual fare of Sunday afternoon variety shows, business news and patriotic sporting events.
This is likely a nod to security–to make sure the masses do not come out, clog up roads trying to get a look, and further complicate security along the route from Bangkok’s many highrises.

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