Arun’s “Grand Cycle”

From Arun, June 25, 2014
Cartoon title: Coup d’etat in Thailand ([drawn] June 25, 2013 [should be 2014])

From top, clockwise:
1933, Praya Monopakorn suspended some sections of the constitution;
1933, Gen. Praya Phahol seized power from Praya Manopakorn;
1947, Lt. Gen Phin seized power from Radm. Thawan;
1948, Lt. Gen. Phin forced Mr. Khuang to resign;
1951, Chief Marshal Plaek seized his own power; [meaning he overthrew his own government–usually to consolidate his own power]
1957, Chief Marshal Sarit seized power from Chief Marshal Plaek;
1958, Chief Marshal Sarit seized power from Chief Marshal Thanom;
1971, Chief Marshal Thanom seized his own power;
1976, Chief Marshal Sa-ngad seized power from M.R. Senee;
1977, Adm. Sa-ngad seized power from Mr. Thanin;
1991, Gen. Sundhorn seized power from Gen. Chatchai;
2006, Gen. Sonthi seized power from Thaksin;
2013 [should be 2014], Gen. Prayuth returns happiness to people

[… and it starts all over again. The “snake eating its tail” is a Thai metaphor here representing the never-ending cycle of political excess and coups. It also explains the Thai’s matter-of-fact acceptance and lack of surprise when these events continue to consistently occur.]

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