Arrested for providing a place for a criminal to hide

From Manager, December 7, 2016
Left: Police officer: You have been arrested for providing a place for a criminal to hide.
Man: What is your evidence?
Right: You’ve already confessed that you have Dhammachayo in your heart.
Caption: Can notify them with this charge…

[Refers to Dhammakaya temple’s faithful supporters who have been summoned to the main Dhammakaya temple where former abbot Dhammachayo is hiding out to avoid a court summons over money laundering charges. Supporters are acting as human shields to stop authorities from arresting Dhammachayo.
The joke here is that Dhammakaya faithful, by steadfastly believing in the temple doctrine (having it in their hearts) is also providing a place (their hearts) for the fugitive monk to hide.]

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