Arrest in 2010’s “Red Nonthaburi” bomb blast

From Komchadluek, October 7, 2010
The headlines read: 50 Kg. TNT hidden in mansion in Bangbuathong area – Blast! Kills 3 – mistake in producing – bomb maker died torn apart in his room – CD about new Thailand’s State is found – explosion at Mansion in Bangnuathong – misproducing [the bomb] – CD of “New Thailand’s State” is found – 3 died and 7 injured – owner is revealed to be community radio DJ, alias “Red Nonthaburi” – police release 11 red local fighters [in Chiang Mai]

A suspect in Nonthaburi’s apartment bombing detained by police – Thai PBS, April 27, 2014
[Thanks to Tom for pointing this out.]

From 2010: Wasa, businessman in police detention

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