Are the Thailand Floods About to Kill Computer Companies?

Are the Thailand Floods About to Kill Computer Companies? – Forbes, November 8, 2011
[Interesting article, but also one that points up foreign misconceptions about factories here. The assumption is that workers live in homes and communities near the factory and commute to work. The reality is that workers are largely recruited from other provinces and live in regimented dorms by the thousands.]
…Flooded plants means flooded manufacturing equipment.
There is no guarantee that any of that equipment will even work when the water does recede. Even if, by some miracle it does work, or is easily replaced, will the workforce be there? It’s not like the company was on strike and the workers can simply come back. Cleaning up after a flood is difficult and time-consuming. Where will the employees live? Will they be able to return home? Will there be sanitation, or will there be polluted water everywhere? These are all factors these Thailand manufacturing plants are working out right now as they plan their rebound…

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