Arbitrary freedom in Thailand

From Thairath, June 14, 2015
Title: Arbitrary freedom

Top-left: Arbitrary occupying of a road for racing
[Refers to teenagers who violate the law by using roads to race at night.]

Top-middle: Arbitrary belief and paying of respects
[Refers to people who believe in supernatural thing residing in a tree or animal.]

Top-right: Arbitrary illegal business operations
Signs: School, university, bath, sauna and massage
[Refers to the illegal businesses are operating in the educational areas. In the Thai world, these can both exist, but must not be in the same areas.]

Bottom-left: Arbitrarily throwing out the trash
[Some people freely throw trashes out which causes flooding and other problems to society.]

Bottom-middle: Arbitrarily judging problem by themselves
[Refers to people illegally solving the problem by themselves without police help–often resorting to gun battles or small bombings.]

Bottom-right: Full freedom, either being good or bad as they want.
[Refers to freedom of expression through the media–particularly Facebook. This is a Thai idea that says that people must not speak freely without considering the harm to society.]

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