Time to Punish Tharit

From Naewna, April 23, 2015
Title: For a corrupt person, we don’t need to wait for the NACC, just use the Section 44. It’s faster.
On the sword: Section 44
On the bag: 40 million [baht]
[The man wetting his pants is former DIS chief Tharit Pegdith. This refers to the freezing of his assets by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC). It is assumed that Tharit’s partisan legal attacks on the government opposition must have been facilitated by big payouts by politicians. Section 44 entitles the PM to use absolute power to stop or deal with something considered to a threat to national security. The cartoonist suggests Tharit should be summarily dealt with using Section 44.]

From Manager, April 22, 2015
Giant: My name is Karma. Heaven sends me to replace Nong Aoi… a massage model whom you like.
Caption: Tharit shall be relieved for his whole life.
[Refers to former DIS chief Tharit Pegdith who is now facing the freezing of about 40 million baht of assets. Tharit has a close ties with the owner of a massage company that is alleged to be part of a land-grab scandal.
In the cartoon, a fearsome giant representing Buddhist karma is about to punish Tharit for the years he inflicted politically motivated legal cases on those who opposed the government.]

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