Anti-government, anti-Thaksin tycoon missing

Anti-government tycoon missing – Bangkok Post, June 9, 2013

[Ekkayuth Anchanbutr has been one of the most vigorous anti-Thaksin activists. Ekkayuth himself was embroiled in shady business dealings over the years and fled Thailand to escape charges. He eventually began dedicating himself to collecting and publishing the alleged political ins and outs of the Thaksin political clique.
His Thailand Insider website has been one of the main repositories of political information leaked from inside the government. Sometimes the info there sheds light on events, but often it is part of the Thai political power play where different factions within the government jockey for power and try to diminish each other with embarrassing leaks.
With the Pheu Thai Party under increasing pressure along several fronts, it is entirely possible that Ekkayuth’s disappearance could possibly be staged to further pressure and embarrass the government.]

Anti-Thaksin Thai missing tycoon’s CCTV hard-disk stolen – The Nation, June 10, 2013
…Suwat said Ekkayuth’s abductors also went to the businessman’s house to steal a computer connected to his security camera system. “They may be a big gang because they went to his house to eliminate the evidence,” Suwat said.
He said relatives found Ekkayuth’s house door open at 8pm on Friday and the computer’s hard disk, which recorded feeds from security cameras, was missing…

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4 Responses to Anti-government, anti-Thaksin tycoon missing

  1. Wiz says:

    Where is Khun Ekkayut – he is missing for 4 days – definitely being abducted due to the case of Wor 5, chan 7 at Four Season – just like the case of Shipping Moo, and Lawyer Somchai?–3-4

  2. Wiz says:

    Now, rumor widespread that Ekkayut has been butchered and dumped into the loo … by the one who have vendetta against Ekkayut.

  3. Wiz says:

    The driver confessed that he killed Ekkayut – yet many people thought that he just wants to hide the real mastermind

    Chaloem confirming that Ekkayut is dead

  4. Wiz says:

    Three possible reasons behind the murder of Ekkayut
    1. Political conflicts with Shinnawatra clan – the strongest case due to Thai Insider which has leaked the information about Ai Maew and his clan since 2005, couple with the latest leak of the extramarital affairs between Yinglux and Khun Settha Thaweesin of Sansiri in Maldives – not to mention about the revenge by those stock manipulators who hate Ekkayut
    2. conflicts with police – not as strong as the political conflicts with Shinnawatra clan – yet it is possible that police just received the order from Ai Maew to terminate the life of Ekkayut even though Watermelon may receive the order to do this down and dirty job
    3. robbing and murdering which Ai Chaloem and Big Jazz are trying to convince media and people –
    We better not to trust Big Jazz and the driver about the case of robbing and then murdering – More sinister motivation are the reason behind this murder

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