Anti-Dhammachayo posts


From a graphic circulate on social media:
A Criminal, A bad monk
You violate the 2nd commandment.
Steal money and shall be defrocked.
People shall condemn him.
Collect money
And being bitten by a venomous snake
Embezzle hundred millions from the temple
Sinfulness, need to be defrocked.
[This criticizes Phra Dhammachayo, the abbot the Dhammakaya Temple, who some asscue of being corrupt. In Thai, the venomous snake implies a thing. The poster curses Phra Dhammachayo and says he has to face punishment.]


From a graphic circulate on social media:
To fight against those who destroy
Country, religion and King
{At left is Phra Dhammachayo, abbot of the Dhammachayo sect, a Buddhist offshoot that supports Thaksin. At right is Thaksin.]
At the corner on the left: If we can’t suppress those two… see more

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