Another team trapped in the cave

From Thairath, July 5, 2018
Title: There is another team in the cave… waiting for help.
On man at left: Member of Parliament
On man at center: Politician
On woman: Member of Parliament
On man on right: Former Politician
At left in the background: Being stuck with NCPO [the junta]; Moving forward to destroy the political party [referring to new rules that restrict parties]; Section 44 [the articles that allows the junta absolute power]
At right background: Orders of NCPO
The trapped people are saying (from left to right): Please help us out. Please bring us out of here! Please save our lives!

[This compares the plight of the trapped soccer team to the plight of politicians who are banned from political activity by the government. Meanwhile the junta appears to be making alliances with politicians that undercuts political parties.]

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