Another tact that does not work

From Manager December 14, 2020
Penguin: Oh!.. someone told us to hold these two… then, more people will join the mob.
Caption: Fail again.

[Refers to the controversial new logo of the Free Youth designed like to evoke the communist hammer and sickle. This surprised some protest supporters as it seemed to indicate that the student protesters were seeking a revolution, contrary to even the U.S. Senate resolution proposal being touted at the time that included supporting statements from a senator assuring the world that the Thai protests were not about revolution.
The Free Youth movement attempted to clarity their position that a communist state would not be a dictatorship and defended the economic system of communism.
Within a few days, the main protest leaders, pictured here, disavowed the Free Youth movement and communism and said the main student protest groups have nothing to do with them.
The cartoonist mocks the debacle, implying this fits with the ineffective protests thus far that have been unable to unseat the military-dominated government.]

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