Same cartoon from Yellow and Red Cartoonists: Another Scapegoat

From Manager, September 30, 2015
Title: I knew it… by Buncha/Karmin, 28 September 2015
Caption: The face keeps changing.
First picture: Sketch.
Second picture: Real person.
Third picture: After investigation.
Forth picture: After filing the case.

[This reflects fears that the Thai police have once again been unable to solve a high profile case and have reverted to putting forth a scapegoat to enable the case to be declared solved.

The police initially said the first suspect they apprehended was not the Rajaprasong bomber, but as the weeks went by, they changed the story after no addition person could be apprehended.

This cartoon probably also reflects the fear that the bombing could have been the work of internal political groups like a splinter faction of the Red Shirts. In this case, both Thaksin and the junta would probably wish to downplay the actual source of attack.]


From Thairath, October 2, 2015
Caption: Names him “Ai Ood” this time.
[“Ai” is an impolite prefix to add to a person’s name. “Ood” is alleged Red Shirt bombing expert who has been connected to the Rajaprasong bombing.]
On the goat’s backpack: Rachaprasong bombings case
On the goat’s shirt: Ood
Mouse man: Throwing out before leaving.
Mouse: This is a red color goat.
[This reflects pro-Thaksin/Red Shirt anger that a Red Shirt is being implicated in the Rajaprasong bombing.]

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