Another quick refutation of negative press on Thailand: Claims “that Thailand has ducked out of the five country single visa project are incorrect”

Thailand and Cambodia test single visa –, September 28, 2012
…Suggestions that Thailand has ducked out of the five country single visa project are incorrect. Reliable industry sources confirmed Thailand and Cambodia were selected to test the system and generate feedback that will be evaluated and lead to a wider application including other Mekong Region neighbours, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.
Tourism Council of Thailand vice president, Thanate Vorasaran, told TTR Weekly, Thursday, that a single visa for travel between Thailand and Cambodia was part of an agreement signed in 2007 and was specifically identified as a pilot project…

Earlier: Fearing loss of visa fees, Thailand opts out of common visa plan

[That a government official should be aware of opinions in the international English-language media, much less deign to respond to them, has been a singular characteristic of Thaksin-assoicated governments.]
Also: Thai government responds to Washington Post article about Thai abuse of Burmese in the shrimp industry

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