Another lese majeste suspect dies in custody

Khao Sod: Famous Astrologer ‘Mor Yong’ Dies in Custody
…Gen. Paiboon Khumchaya said Suriyan “Mor Yong” Sujaritpalawong died of a “blood infection” on Saturday. Paiboon did not say why Suriyan’s death was not announced until today. He said an autopsy had already been concluded.
…Like other lese majeste cases and issues involving the monarchy, the ongoing investigation into the three suspects has been conducted in secret. Media agencies have been told by authorities not to report anything other than official statements and authorized disclosures.
Suriyan’s health had been a widely discussed topic since he vanished from public view following his arrest. Questions and rumors about his condition spread on social media after prison officials announced Prakrom’s suicide on Oct. 24. That same day, officials said, Suriyan requested a transfer to the prison’s hospital, citing high blood pressure…

Bangkok Post: Mor Yong ‘died from infection’
…Acting on the National Council for Peace and Order’s complaint, police arrested the trio on Oct 21 for allegedly extorting money from businessmen by citing the monarchy…

The Nation: Lese Majeste – ‘Mor Yong’ dies in custody
…Suriyan’s family has said it does not suspect foul play, the department said. After collecting his body on Sunday, the family organised funeral rites for him.
Justice Minister General Paiboon Koomchaya said authorities concerned would need to clarify what had happened to clear any lingering doubt about Suriyan’s death…

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  1. Wiz says:

    Now, the kinsmen of Moh Yong has cremated the body of Moh Yong at Wat Thong Suttharam on 9 Nov 2015

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