Another dead party

From Thairath, February 24, 2020
Title: Keep shooting [enfilading] again and again [meaning the law is being used like gunfire to mow down political parties]
On the smoke from the gun representing military power: Dissolve the party
On the book: Law of NCPO [the former junta, the National Council for Peace and Order which handpicked the people who created the laws now being used to dissolve the anti-military political party]
On the broken sign int he background: Future Forward Party
On people’s shirt: MPs, committee, executives
Phi Nooring: Destroy democracy
Mouse: Don’t have justice.

[Refers to the dissolution of the Future Forward Party by the Constitutional Court due to the charges of receiving funds from an illegitimate source. The party was dissolved and its executives were banned from politics for 10 years. This cartoon shows Thai “disappointment” as it is believed that disbandment was a political game by the government to destroy its political enemies, especially the Future Forward Party which set itself strongly against the military and showed unprecedented strength in the last elections.]

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