Another crazy week for the Thai weeklies: Go to hell!

From Manager Weekend, June 16-22, 2012
The cover reads: Euro star team
Group A : Paiboon Dumrongchaitum, Famai Dumrongchaitum, Tana Tien-ajchariya, Prawit Malinon
Group B : Natee Sukonrat, Sorajit Kasemsuwan, Niwattumrong Boonsongpaisarn, Chatchai Sarikalaya
Go to hell!

From Daily World Today, June 16-22, 2012
The cover reads: Please vote “Pheu Thai” – Think old, do old [this is another example of a Red Shirt publication openly criticizing Thaksin for assuming the Red Shirts will drop their demands now that Thaksin is poised to win his amnesty]
Topics on the right
– The country these day…the great crisis.
– Coup on the court!
– “Hitler” discourse to resist Democracy.
– Cheating on Police non-commissioned officer Examination.
– Rescue faith crisis, pull the court back to its position.

From Red Power, June, 2012
The situation in Laos – On Songkran, they love Thaksin.

From Red Power, June, 2012
History inside the Communism Party of Jitra Poomisak, who was the people’s hero on the 46 anniversary of his death. [an attempt to link the Red Shirt movement to earlier rebellions that became part of the pro-democracy movements of the 1970s]

From Red Power, June, 2012
The cover reads starting at top left: Thinking differently from others, why does he have to be jailed? Six times attempting to be bailed out, but he still has no freedom. [referring to lese majeste suspects]
“Thaksin, he benefited to society… The constitution has to mention that Buddhism is the national religion”
The main headline: 112, courts hold the judgement. A-kong was jailed for life. The next person will be… [referring to the lese majeste law and the elderly man who died in jail after being sentences for the crime]
At bottom: Photos to recall the heroes of 19 May 2012 [meaning those who died in the Red Shirt protest of 2010]

The last sentence of the cover is
review activity photos to recall heroes in 19 May 2012.

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