Another Coup Looming in Thailand?

Another Coup Looming in Thailand? –, May 10, 2012

Refers to this article: Thai army secretly plans for the worst –, May 11, 2012

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5 Responses to Another Coup Looming in Thailand?

  1. LuXian says:

    Your bias is evident in the fact that you will post the CFR report on Thailand, rather than Tony Cartalucci’s articles exposing Soros, Open Society, Adelman, Brookings Institute, and other American NGO-s, that are waging war on the sovereignty of Thailand in any way they possibly can. I guess you are in the pocket of the globalist collectivists currently taking over global power? Whatever else would explain it. I would really like to hear how you DO explain your facilitating the downfall of my beloved Thailand?

  2. Wiz says:

    Then, give us a link on the article written by Tony Cartalucci which is exposing Soros, Open Society, Adelman, Brookings Institute, and other American NGO-s, that are waging war on the sovereignty of Thailand since we badly want to hear that news

  3. Wiz says:

    Here is the weblog of Tony Cartalucci with the articles criticizing UDD men as well as the articles mentioned by LuXian

  4. mm says:

    You must have buried your head in the beloved sand. On the evidence of Afghanistan, the USA and its apologists are completely washed up in global terms. (George Soros is a complete nothingness.) The threat of Thailand becoming an economic subsidiary of China and/or some raging local bonehead capitalist is far greater. If you really believe in sovereignty, I suggest you do something more than just repeat the time-dishonored mantra, “My beloved country”. Sovereignty might well be the wrong word anyway . It implies imperial delusions. How about commonwealth? You are obviously using the word collectivist to reintroduce the commie scare. How does that square with George Soros and the USA, who were both known commie-baiters. The biggest threat to the vast majority of us (other people) is irresponsible capitalism using the common wealth free-of-charge to generate massive profit for an elite few and massive catastrophe for the rest of us.
    ‘Downfall’ implies an imperial past, but the past Thai Empire was always shakier than most. In other words, the majority of its people are not exactly falling from the greatest of heights. Downfall is what happened to the British Empire, and what is now happening to the American empire – both of which relied heavily in the past on mass labor exploitation. China is now completely intent on repeating that mistake. As with most empires, the greatest lament is always from those who sit on top – not from those who have to do the real crap work to keep the whole fantasy world edifice afloat.
    Perhaps learning to share this country would be a good first step to stave of its almost inevitable current progression towards failed state and/or Chinese lapdog.

  5. mm says:

    One lot occupied an airport, the other burned down some places in Bangkok. What’s the difference between them!? Just a ragtag salaried bunch of color-coded mafias. Until such time as THEY are reconciled to serving the interests of the vast majority, they will always be working for its failure.

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