Anniversary of Black May


Black May 1992 headlines
Black May 1992 headlines
Black May – Even dogs turn their backs on this field
Black May – Shootings were in self-defence, says spokesman
Black May – City braces for more riots
Black May – Where peace took its last turn
Black May – Disastrous End-Burning-Chaos in the city
Black May – Bloody battles rage in City
Black May – Young doctor tells of battles to save life
Black May – Enough: End this terrible tragedy
Black May – Censorship issue of the Bangkok Post
Black May – ‘Drastic’ action to quell riot
Black May – Huge Protest in City

Eyewitness accounts
Part I – Background & A night on the bridge
Part II – Crossing the lines
Part III – A hot afternoon
Part IV – The shooting starts
Part VI – Soldiers advance through Banglampoo
Part VII – Aftermath
Tomas’ Black May story
Also: Black May 1992 videos Royal Hotel9 videos

Interesting contemporary editorial about the events
Bloody events have mixed legacy

And the 1991 coup
1991 coup headlines
1991 coup – Rift over assassination probe was the catalyst
1991 coup – Power belongs to the people, nobody else
1991 coup – Newswatch one of the victims of clampdown
1991 coup – Taped confession aired to justify the takeover

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