Animated videos lauding Thaksin–He always “defies his fate”


Above: The accomplishments of Thaksin and his family–launching Thai-owned satellites

Below: The official music video


Above: Thaksin as a heroic police officer

Below: Part one of the story of Thaksin’s life

After months of silence, Pheu Thai, Red Shirt leaders making public appearances after getting Thaksin okay – The Nation, September 12, 2014
…On Tuesday, Panthongtae again posted the message: “In two days and everyone will stop missing him”, along with the YouTube link (
The link leads to a 2.14-minute animation clip, titled “Ta Doo Dao, Thao Tid Din” (Looking at Stars with Feet on the Ground), depicting Thaksin’s life.
The lyrics in the accompanying soundtrack say: “Looking at the stars with feet on the ground, this is Thaksin who always defies his fate.”
The clip ends with the words “coming soon” in English…


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