Angry Thai Internet users ‘bring down ICT website’

Before 2am, Bangkok time: Under maintenance

Angry Thai Internet users ‘bring down ICT website’ – The Nation, September 30, 2015
Government Spokesman Maj General Sansern Kaewkamnerd told Nation TV that the collapse of Information and Communications Technology Ministry website was possibly caused by those who wanted to express their opposition against the single gateway initiative idea.
“I have no information about that but I guess that the problem could happen when many people entered the site simultaneously. It’s like a symbol [of protest],” he said…

ICT website down ahead of planned attack – Bangkok Post, September 30, 2015
…The website,, was shut down hours before netizens vowed to attack the site at 10pm in retaliation for the government’s plan to launch a single gateway to control access to all websites in an attempt to monitor the flow of information about Thailand from abroad.
…A source at the ministry did not rule out the possibility that the shut-down was because of an attack, saying it was also likely that the website could not be opened because it was overloaded with visitors monitoring the movement of the planned attackers…


2 am, Bangkok time: The site is back

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2 Responses to Angry Thai Internet users ‘bring down ICT website’

  1. Wiz says:

    The issue of the controversial Single Internet Gateways is the latest attack of the anti Junta with propaganda to make internet storm against the websites of the government just like what those UDD leaders have done before during bloody May 2010 – those naive nettizens are going to pay the price sooner or later

    Not yet to come up with cabinet resolution on the controversial Single Internet Gateways

    Mockery toward Single Digital Gateway continued by Thai cartoonist

    advantage of Single internet gateway – the info the mainstream media refuse to tell since it hurts their selfish interests

    MICT not yet to decide on the single internet gateway issue – just for economic development though – not going to prosecute those who raid MICT web

    the raging voices of thai netizens toward Single Internet gateway policies by Anti Junta mouthpiece

    Even PDRC giving a dose of criticism on government’s mishandling of the controversial Single Internet Gateways – PR Disaster to say the least

    Anti Junta mockery on the way to deal with the anti single internet gateway attack

    ISOC page being attacked by anti single gateway nettizens

    Government showing defiance to the bitter end by pressing the implementation of the controversial Single Internet Gateways

    More mockery toward Single internet gateway using characters from Kantai collection

    After the attack, website of the government resumed the service

  2. Wiz says:

    PT men want to gain support from nettizens by opposing the single internet gateway to the bitter end

    still oppose the controversial single internet gateway to the bitter end – now heading to raid comptroller General Dept

    Pol Gen Pravut said the single internet gateway is still under studying for national security purpose and he even warn Thai nettizens that they will pay heavy price for raiding government websites

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