And the rest… (part 2)

Vote for the group of “Above the Cloud”… fear of being dominated [Referring to the Pheu Thai. “Above the Cloud” refers to the politics-themed soap opera alleged forced off the air by the government. It featured a portrayal of a government very much like Yingluck’s using power in a dictatorial manner.]
Vote a group which only talks but no action… fear of being obstructed [referring to the Democrat Party. As the Democrats and Pheu THai are arch-enemies, it is suspected that the Pheu Thai would attempt to obstruct their plans.]
Vote Seripisut… who is neutral
Reduce the intensive competition among political parties to govern the city.
Bangkok must not be under the political party.
Power of Bangkok
Vote Pol Gen Seripisut Temiyavet  No.11
An earnest Bangkok governor

Get bored with political parties?
Hate corruption
Vote Seripisut
Please vote Seripisut Temiyavet No.11
An earnest Bangkok Governor

Bangkok people join hands to support Pol. Gen. Seripisut Temeyavet to become Bangkok governor
The Governor should not come from any political party which has a conflict of interest and hidden agenda.

Executive manager in coordination with all 10 directions [“10 directions” implies that he can harmonize all various groups]
Kosit Suvijjit
Independent candidate
No. 10
Willing to travel 24 hours
24-hour Bangkok

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