An election won’t solve Thailand’s woes

An election won’t solve Thailand’s woes – TODAYonline, March 11, 2011
…Mr Abhisit has promised his party will increase the minimum wage by 25 per cent in two years, at the maximum. He seems too determined to “buy” his way back into power. His critics see many similarities between Mr Abhisit’s agendas and those of Thaksin in the old days. They have already criticised Mr Abhisit of stealing Thaksin’s populist ideas. It is ironic that the Democrat Party, which once detested Thaksin’s people-centric approach, is now adopting similar policy platforms.
…As for the opposition Pheu Thai Party, some of its executive members have claimed that the party now has more “ammunition”, or election funds of 5 billion baht (S$209,500 million), at its disposal compared to 4 billion baht in the previous election; and that with the money it would win the election “hands down”. They have never been more confident and are well prepared for an election…

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