An Announcement of Ratchadamnern Makkawan Demonstration School

Press release from the PAD - June 9, 2008
From a press release: referring to last night press conference held by students groups on their stances against the samak administration and for the people alliance of democracy at the stage on makkawan bridge, here is to inform you more about this by sending a relevant statement as attache herewith.

An Announcement of Ratchadamnern Makkawan Demonstration School

Attention please,
This is an announcement regarding the status of the Kingdom of Thailand.  Our nation is being devoured by an evil force contained in an angular-faced being.  If you are not alert, aware, and very concerned by this development, our country may be completely engulfed in a sea of darkness called Thaksinocracy.  Immediate action must be taken to halt this progress.
We must use our flame of knowledge to bring light to darkness.  We cannot and will not allow evil to hide behind false legality.  We, as individuals loyal to the Kingdom of Thailand, must stand together and bring down a twisted system that people call a nominee government.
We stand here as representatives of the Ratchadamnern Makkawan Demonstration School, which consists of students from colleges and universities in Thailand and abroad.  It is not important who we are or where we come from, but why we are here.  To recognize the importance of the political debate conducted here at the University of Rachadamnern, we have established our own school for all school children of Thailand.

In our Demonstration School, free debate and thinking is encouraged, and we are given the liberty of expressing our opinions.

We are here today because the current government does not have the mandate of governance.  They exist not for the people, but for themselves.  They are doing nothing to deal with the current high food and oil prices.  They are ignoring the problems of youth and education and instead concerned only to act out every command of the puppeteer.  100 days have passed, and the only notable activity was this government’s attempt to twist our constitution so the puppeteer and his peers may escape from justice. 

It is impossible to guess what rules we will have to play by in the future.  Judging from current events, we can only guess that the rules will be continuously mutated so long as criminals are given the strings of this puppet show. 

We have decided that it is time for us youngsters to come out and support the People’s Alliance for Democracy.  The current government has lost is mandate of governance.  This government does not exist for the people, by the people.  Instead, it exists to continue with the legacy of Thaksinocracy – a legacy that is solely concerned with draining out every drop of this country’s resource for the benefit of a selected group of businessmen and politicians.  One does not need to look beyond the transmutation of State Enterprises and the systemized corruption to know that this government no longer deserves our support. 

Thus, as free, law-abiding citizens of Thailand, it is our duty to voice our dissatisfaction in the form of this peaceful and legal demonstration.  We may be young, but we have the same right as everyone else to make choices.  We are the future of our country, and the future does not want this government.  What the future wants and needs is a Kingdom of Thailand that still belongs to the people. 
As the current youth and the future leaders of this country, we make the following 4 demands:

1. To our peers:  It is time for us to be responsible citizens.  We must make consciences choices, and this requires a firm grasp of knowledge presented from both ends of the spectrum.  We must make the right choices, using our values and morals to separate what is right from what is easy.  We cannot let incorrect information govern our choices.  We must not allow the problems of our country to slide by uncorrected.  We have to stand up, take a stance, and help set things back on the right track.  We cannot allow society to dictate our future. 

2. To the adults; parents, teachers, and the greater society:  Do not try to silence us or shelter us.  We want to make our stance, as you did when you were our age.  This is our country as much as it is yours.  Do not try to protect us from harm, for the danger to our country is greater.  Free us from limitations, and let us make our own decisions.

3. To the media and the press:  Remember your responsibility of presenting all aspects of news.  Be unbiased, as the media should be, and gives us the freedom of choice.

4. To the government, and the police:  You must not forget that it is our constitutional right to participate in demonstrations, especially ones as peaceful as the PAD’s.  The PAD has never used force to attack, and if you carry out your threats of using force to dispel this rally, you are proving to the international community that you are indeed an authoritarian government in disguise. 

These are our four demands drawn up with good and pure intentions.  We stand by our older students in the fight for the preservation of our country, the Kingdom of Thailand.  We will assist in the mission to spread truth to those who have not yet enrolled in our Demonstration School.  With perseverance, the truth will prevail. 

The Students of the Ratchadamnern Makkawan Demonstration School

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