Amnesty Showdown – May 31, 2012

Yingluck Backs Party Efforts That May Absolve Thaksin – Bloomberg, May 31, 2012
…“Reconciliation must be accepted by the majority of the people,” Yingluck said in an interview in Bangkok today, amid opposition to draft proposals that call for an amnesty for certain charges since the generals ousted her brother, Thaksin Shinawatra. “We got the clear mandate from the people…”

Thai bill targets Thaksin Shinawatra return – AP, May 31, 2012

More police at Parliament – Bangkok Post, May 31, 2012

1,000 reds join ex-TRT execs to celebrate end of political ban – The Nation, May 31, 2012
…Via video link, Thaksin vowed that he will never forget the red-shirt supporters and will always be grateful for their backing.
“I might be unclear because |the signal is very bad because I |am outside and it’s causing me |to lose concentration. In case there’s any misunderstanding, I apologise to you now,” he said. “I am a grateful person. I will never forget, not even the person who handed me a glass of water. Red-shirt brothers and sisters, I will never forget you.”
“When I return, I will turn red-shirt power into being the power to build a good economy and society for Thailand,” he said…

PAD wants to be in House chamber – Bangkok Post, May 31, 2012
…Citing Sections 56, 87(2) and 87(3) of the constitution regarding the people’s right to have access to public information, the PAD wants 200 of its supporters to be allowed inside the House chamber to listen to the debate.
The House speaker is asked to reply to the request in one hour…

Thaksin says sorry for ‘anger’ remarks – Bangkok Post, May 31, 2012
…Thaksin closed his speech by encouraging the House No.111 politicians to let bygones be bygones and proceed down their political paths again.
“My brothers, today it’s time for us to return to resume political roles and help drive the country forward,” he said…

MPs brawl in unity bill chaos – Bangkok Post, May 31, 2012
…The House of Representatives erupted into chaos when Mr Somsak cut short the opposition’s protest and called for a vote to decide if reconciliation bills should be moved to the top of the agenda.
Democrat MP Thana Chirawinit approached Mr Somsak’s bench and criticised him for serving Thaksin…

Thai “yellow shirts” rally against Thaksin amnesty moves – Reuters, May 30, 2012

Earlier: Rushing the House Speaker

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