Amnesty brings justice back to the people

From Thairath, August 2, 2013
Title: Seeing through the visible hands

Left to right on the signs: Amnesty brings justice back to the people; Stop impeding the country; Stop supporting the old veterans to freeze the country and overthrow the democratic government
On protestors’ shirts: RBD [Radio Broadcasters for Democracy]

On the hand: 100 years [this, and the quilted sleeve, refers to Privy Council President Prem who is continually derided as Thaksin’s mortal enemy by Red Shirts]

On the shadow of the arm: Call for a coup d’état. [insisting that a coup is about to occur is a perennial Red Shirt warning]

On the shadow of the sign: Don’t help overthrow the 100-deaths case [referring to deaths during the Red Shirt occupation of Bangkok in 2010]

Mouse man Phi Nooring: Good people will not kill people.
Mouse: Stop destroying the country.

[This refers to the Radio Broadcasters for Democracy (RBD) group submitting a letter to Privy Council President Gen. Prem Tinsulanonda requesting him to stop the Pitak Siam group from conducting an anti-government protest.
Earlier in the year the RBD rallied with the Red Shirts to try to impeach constitutional court judges who they thought might rule against the government’s amnesty.
The meaning of the shadows is very interesting. It shows the hidden feeling behind each side.
The message in the shadow of the Privy Council shows a desire for a coup to halt the power of Thaksin’s supporters. This is the Red Shirt accusation that the Privy Council is behind resistance to Thaksin rule.
The message in the shadow of the protesters’ sign implies that while the Red Shirts are resigned to having to agitate for Thaksin’s amnesty, they regret having to have amnesty applied to those who died in anti-government protests in 2010.]

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