Americans are biological weapons

From Manager, July 5, 2020
Top, Trump: Former Presidents are not smart and clever like me.
2nd row left: They put a lot of budget… to build weapons… invent new military innovation… waste the country’s funds…
Right: If I become a President for another term, America will be the world’s leader without spending any dollars.
3rd row left: I will use a biological weapon which is inside all American people.
Man: How you gonna do it, sir?
Man: How?
Right, Trump: In the future, if we want to occupy any country, we just send a lot of American people there.
Bottom: Then, cough or sneeze on those enemies… Then, we will win without using tanks… or planes…
Soldiers: Hey! Be careful of COVID infection!!

[Refers to the severe COVID-19 situation in the US. Amid a coming election, President Trump has been criticized for his failure to contain the spread of the pandemic.
The cartoonist jokes that this makes Americans themselves dangerous to other countries.]

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