America, you see… we’re happy


Title: America, you see… we’re happy.
A tie of the man on the left: NLA
A tie of the man on the right: NRC
On the box lid: Martial law
On the box: Bureaucrat-democracy
Phi Nooring: The way to seek happiness
A mouse: Quickly return the democracy to us.
[Refers to the junta government’s reaction to the call of the US to end martial law. The junta government led by PM Prayuth insisted martial law was needed to prevent the violence. The military, the National Reform Council (NRC) and the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) are the main actors having significant roles in governing the country under the junta government. In the picture, the man on the left is Mr. Pornpetch Wicitcholchai, a NLA president, while the man on the right is Mr. Tienchay Kirananda, a NRC president.]

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