America said Thailand is the source of fake stuff

From Thairath, February 16, 2014
Cartoon title: America said Thailand is the source of fake stuff

Top left: Fake fisherman randomly threw his net to catch feeding tubes, but only got laughter!
[Reference is to the Centre for Maintaining Peace and Order (CMPO) director Chalerm Ubumrung. He released a list of companies and persons accusing them of providing financial support to the People’s Democratic Reform Committee. The accusations were ridiculed when it was warned that the CMPO could be sued by those on the list.]

Top middle: Civil servants at the Commerce Ministry mourn at the fake funeral of Yanyong Puangraj!
[Reference is to a number of the Ministry’s civil servants who said that they were going to dress in black on February 19-21 to mourn the Caretaker Deputy Minister of Commerce, Yanyong Puangraj. The act is to show opposition to Yanyong’s order to conduct an investigation of those civil servants who spoke at one of the anti-government rallies.]

Top right: Fake borrower to borrow on behalf of the government!
[Reference is to the Caretaker Deputy Commerce Minister, Yanyong Puangraj, who asked some banks to lend to rice mill owners so that the latter further lend to the rice farmers who remain unpaid by the Caretaker Government. Under the agreement, mill owners will lend 50-60% of the full mortgaging prices as indicated on each warrant.]

Bottom left: The fake popcorn phobia spreads among political bullies!
[Reference is to the shooting incident at Laksi on February 1 when a group of anti-government protesters clashed with a group of the Red Shirt from Pathum Thani province. That day a group of mysterious men, with their guns hidden in popcorn bags, appeared to protect the anti-government protesters who were being fired at by the other side. The cartoon here shows a man running for a child with a bag of popcorn.]

Bottom middle: Serious spread of fake rice mortgage warrants which cannot be cashed out!
[Reference is to rice farmers who pledged their rice to the government but still are not paid because the government has failed to sell the rice.]

Bottom right: Only the rice farmers who hung themselves are real!
[Refers to 11 rice farmers who were affected financially by the government’s inability to pay for their pledged rice. Their financial status became so severe that they supposedly decided to kill themselves.]

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