Amend the constitutional fast while we can!

From Thairath, December 6, 2012
Cartoon title: Amend it fast before we don’t have a chance to do it.
On the base of the Constitution Monument: Constitution ’50 [2007], a legacy of the CNS [Council of National Security, the post-2006 coup junta]
On the large man’s suit: Pokin amends the constitution [This is Pokin Pollakul. He is an adviser of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and chairman of the coalition parties for constitution amendment. The government has indicated it will disregard the constitutional court’s ruling on holding a referendum first before amending the constitution and proceed anyway.]
On the smaller man’s suit: Kanin amends democracy. [This is Kanin Boonsuwan. He is a former member of the Constitution Drafting Assembly 1997. He recently led 20 members of the CDA ’97 to object to the Constitution Court’s action against the constitution amendment.]
On arms on the left, from top: Anti; Maintain power
Mouse man Phi Nooring: Must amend the constitution for reconciliation.
Man mouse: Don’t want the dictator’s version.

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