Almost lost to the dog

From Manager, July 12, 2021
Michael Heath: Hey!… my donation… don’t claim for your credit.
On box: Vaccine 1.5 million doses from the American government
Caption: Almost lost to the dog

[Refers to US Chargé d’Affaires Michael Heath confirming that the donated Pfizer vaccine was done government to government without intermediary.
As often happens in the Thai world, once news broke of the donation, officials came out to claim they were involved. The US embassy had to make the clarification of the government to government deal after Ruktai Prurapark, an Energy Regulatory Commission subcommittee member, claimed that Thai citizens in the US and himself were the ones who helped set up the donation.
Ruktai is represented by the dog and this refers to Thai proverb “lost to the dog” meaning to be tricked by someone who is trying to take credit for something.]

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