All TV channels broadcast via Thai Com blacked out

UPDATE: 18:18 – TrueVisions (UBC) is back on the air

All TV channels broadcast via Thai Com blacked out – The Nation, April 21, 2011
TV channels, including the True Visions subscription TV, went off the air Thursday afternoon.
The TV channels could not be accessed since 4:07 pm.
At press time, they services were still off air.
Thai Com has informed Nation Channel that its satellite up-link station at Kaerai, Nonthaburi, has developed technical errors..

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  1. Wisarut says:

    Shin Sattelite explaining the jouranlists at the Press Conference that the Electro Static Discharge from the out space has cause the the serious interruption on Sattelite TV Broadcasting by invoking Thai Com to ruin at the save mode to protect the sattelite from being destroyed theElectro Static Discharge form the out space since 4:10 PM. Thai Com Sattelite system has been fully resotred in 3 hours – effective on 7:35 PM.

    Thai Com Sattelite did not being pushed out of the main orbital position at all … and this is the really extraordinary circumstance Thai COm Sattelite has ever confronted. ISart (ThaiCom 4) could not be a good substitute for Thai Com 5 (IPStar) .

    MICT confiring that ThaiSom Sattelite is still in the riht orbital position.ไทยคมแจงประจุไฟฟ้าอวกาศเหตุจอมืด.html

    KHun Mark thoguth taht IPStar (Thaicom 5) was pused out of the right orbital positionตื่นทีวีจอมืดมารค์ชี้ดาวเทียมหลุดวงโคจร.html

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