All the whores should thank the brother

From Manager, May 7, 2013
Woman with a flower bouquet: We’d like to thank Phi Joi for distinguishing that evil woman from us, for society to realize it… and makes our image look much better.
Caption: All the whores should thank the brother
[Refers to the statement made on Facebook by famous editorial cartoonist Chai Ratchawat. The statement, “Please understand a whore is not an evil. A whore just tries to sell her body, but an evil woman tries to sell her own country” was meant to criticize Yingluck for make a speech in Mongolia on democracy in which she praised the Red Shirts and Thaksin.
The seated man is Phi Joi, a well-known character in Chai Ratchawat’s political cartoons.]

From Post Today, May 6, 2013
[This cartoon refers to the backlash against Chai’s comments about PM Yingluck.]

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