All creatures shall be according to what they did

From Thairath, July 29, 2013

Left: All creatures shall be according to what they did
[The location is the Buddhist Park called Phutthamonthon situated in the Putthamonthon District, Nakhonpathom Province. The quote means something like an individual’s deeds and judgements will ultimately define him.]

Right: All creatures shall be as your greater number of men drag you to
[The location is parliament. This refers to amnesty bills which Pheu Thai’s MPs are able to pass due to their numbers in parliament. The cartoon bemoans the Pheu Thai majority, controlled by Thaksin, that will inevitably pass bills to help him return to politics. Such reasoning might seem alien to a non-Thai who quite reasonably says “that’s just democracy.” However, this is a Thai sentiment that generally does not value or trust the democratic process as it is practiced in Thailand, thinking that those who gain power will naturally act in corrupt and self-enriching ways.]

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