All come from the election

From Thairath, July 29, 2014
Title: All come from the election
Left: A vote canvasser pays a poor person for his vote.
Right: Junta chief Gen. Prayuth paints a poster of the next prime minister.
Poster Gen. Prayuth is leaning out of: NCPO elects the NLA.
Poster he is painting: the NLA elects the PM.

[This cartoon compares the upcoming prime minister selection to be carried out by the junta (the National Council for Peace and Order or NCPO led by Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha) with vote buying and ironically points out that they are both elections.
The junta appointed the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) to elect the interim Prime Minister. As Gen. Prayuth is the head of the junta, it is expected that his hand-picked representatives will elect him prime minister.
All of this is in the context of Thai politics of the last few years in which supporters of the Pheu Thai Party-led government contended that the actions of the government, whatever they may be, are acceptable because the government “came from an election.”]

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