All About Legs

From Thairath, June 3, 2012
The cartoon title: All about legs

Top left: Legs that make Thai people become bankrupt! [referring to rampant betting on football matches]

Top middle: Real mafia! [“Big legs” is slang for “boss” or “mafia”]
The words above Thaksin: Let it go. [meaning he is asking the Red Shirts to give up their struggle for justice now that he is poised to return]

Top right: 111 legs which succeed in escaping from fetters, are demanding the chair. [meaning the 111 banned Thai Rak Thai politicians who waited out their political ban and are now returning to politics]

Bottom left: Conviction for opposed board! [referring to the political firing of the successful Thai Airways chief]

Bottom middle: Step-over!
On the sign: There’s no additional charges for this school
A box beside her desk is donation box. [refers to government suggestions that bribes be illegal for school entrance, but “donations” to the school could be required]

Bottom right: Legs that disparage his own order
On the paper: Revolutionary council order [refers to coup leader Gen. Sonthi apparently cooperating with the government in backing reconciliation measures that will provide Thaksin amnesty]

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