Akha And The Grey Man – We Find The Rescued Children
อีก้อและกลุ่มเกรแมน – เราเจอเด็กที่ถูกช่วยชีวิต

Akha And The Grey Man – We Find The Rescued Children – andrew-drummond.com, January 7, 2012
…“Indeed all the children are happily at home with their parents; they never left their homes. All that happened is that several Westerners came into the village and asked to take pictures of poor children in order to find assistance for transport to school.
“Needless to say the village community and the children themselves are very upset at having been represented as a village providing sex workers.
“The Coordination Centre for Protection of Child and Women Rights feels it is very wrong to exploit Thai children and the Australian public in this way to solicit funds on false premises. We feel the funds raised by the generosity of the Australian people in response to this hoax rescue mission should be immediately returned and the Australian media should correct their false reports…”

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