Effect of Cheaper Gas

From ThaiRath, August 30, 2011
Left: I have good news and bad news about gasoline going down at the pump.
Middle: Joy [the name of the character in the phakhima] says: The good news is motorcyclists will save on gas. The village headman says: What’s the bad news?
Right: Dek van gangs [Gangs of young motorcyclists] can go out and cause more trouble thanks to the cheaper gas.

[The name of the man wearing the phakhima is Joy, and the man dressed like a policeman is actually is the village headman, Ma. This cartoon is entitled “Phuyai Ma and Thung Ma Mern” or “Village Headman Ma and Thung Ma Mern,” with Thung Ma Mern being the name of the village or maybe tambon.]

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