Advice for protesters

From Thairath, July 9, 2014
Left: Eating sandwiches and glutinous rice roasted in bamboo…
Middle: Woman: Next time, what should we eat to protest the junta?
A sergeant: It will be better…
Right: …that you should eat something with iodine mixed in to improve your brain.

[Refers to the anti-junta group who symbolically protest the junta by eating sandwiches or glutinous rice roasted in bamboo or reading George Orwell’s 1984 in public. This cartoon reflects the opinion of those who question the motives of anti-coup protesters. They contend that if anti-coup rhetoric is successful and elections are quickly called, it would immediately return Thaksin and his family to power again. While Westerners might point out that a principled stand against military rule is possible, the Thai world places little store in principle, assuming only that money and self-interest are behind all anti-coup protest activities.]

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