Adding the past mistakes


From Thairath, June 25, 2015
Title: Adding the past mistakes
On paper held by a man behind with glasses: Destroy PM Poo [Yingluck]
On paper held by a man close to a military: Don’t follow an order
On paper held by a military: Don’t do a job
On a man with glasses: Civil officer
On paper held by him: Stop working [these are all charges being leveled against Yingluck]
On a man in the front: A judge
A paper held by him: Receive an order to overthrow the government [meaning judges were ordered to rule against Yingluck]
Papers around Yingluck’s picture: Destroy an independent agency, double standard justice, slander [more accusations against Yingluck]
Phi Nooring: A man’s ability
A mouse: Only good at speaking

[The cartoon illustrates that the junta is trying to politically persecute former PM Yingluck with various charges. “Only good at speaking” has been used to describe the Democrat Party in the past to mean they are good at criticizing, but cannot accomplish anything.
Here it seems to mean the same sort of thing: despite the charges against Yingluck–whether true or false–at least she and her government tried to do something for the people.]

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