Activist attacked for protesting Prawit

From Thairath, August 25, 2018
Title: A watch… not only informs of the time, but also inform’s about the owner’s personality
On paper held by Ekachai: Call for justice
On paper which has pictures of watches: Watches lent from friends
On Ekachai’s shirt: Ekachai
On signs from top to bottom: Violate rights; Arrest people who think differently; Make fake charges on students; Do not allow to check
Phi Nooring: Still is a barbarous country
Mouse: Still be such people who love to attack others behind their backs

[Refers to political activist Ekachai Hongkangwan who continually calls on Deputy PM Prawit to resign due to the allegation that he has amassed unusual wealth as demonstrated by his apparent collection of luxury watches and diamond rings. He has been physically attacked by unknown persons while trying to demand Deputy PM Prawit demand. This sort of direct physical attack on a protester is understood in Thai politics as the result of the protester “going too far” with his stinging and effective attacks on an individual.]

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