Accusations that private company that runs Angkor Wat is underreporting revenue

Cambodian Parliament Panel Chief Questions Management of Angkor Wat Revenue – RFA, November 19, 2014
…Kem Sokha, deputy president of the opposition Cambodian National Rescue Party (CNRP), had last year accused Apsara Authority of underreporting revenue.
At the time, he said the firm earned about U.S. $200 million from ticket sales to Angkor Wat in 2012, although little of the revenue went to the national budget.
In March 2012, an anonymous group filed a corruption complaint with the country’s Anti-Corruption Unit, accusing Sokimex of siphoning off most of the ticket revenue and calling the contract between the government and the company “irregular,” according to The Phnom Penh Post.
Bun Narith, Apsara Authority’s general director, dismissed the allegations as baseless, the report said.

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