Academic urges legalisation of casinos

Academic urges legalisation of casinos – Bangkok Post, August 30, 2011
…Mr Sangsit said his research on the “Gambling Economy and Public Problems” showed there are more than 170 gambling dens in Bangkok. There were 10 large ones operating permanently, 60 medium and small ones, and about another 100 mobile casinos that move around.
Between 180 and 200 billion baht flows through these casinos every year. Those behind the operations rake in a yearly profit of 38 to 40 billion baht, he said. Of this, 5 to 20 per cent (2 to 8 billion baht) is paid to police.
Elsewhere in the country, there are between 700,000 and one million gambling dens operating. Of these, 75 are large operations and about 780 medium to small businesses. The rest are mobile gambling operations, operating at various locations including funerals…

Police chief’s days are numbered – Bangkok Post, August 30, 2011
Rak Thailand party list MP Chuvit Kamolvisit might not have anticipated that his controversial video clip about an illegal casino in the heart of Bangkok would shake the entire police force to its core. The Pheu Thai Party was quick to capitalise on the scandal and target the top echelons for a major shakeup – and a chance to fill key positions in the force with its own, trusted men…

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