Academic Freedom cartoon

From Thairath, February 5, 2012
Cartoon reads: Academic freedom
Upper left: Female students show their academic freedom on YouTube! [referring to students posting racy videos of themselves online]
Upper middle: Open anatomy courses are held in casinos! [referring to the topless casino scandal]
Upper right: Engineering students build rockets to shoot packages across prison fences! [referring to how mobile phones are smuggled into prison]
Lower left: Parents come out to resist to Simsimi’s academic freedom! [referring to the scandal of the auto-voice application that says rude Thai words]
Lower middle: Bt3.5 billion is wasted in building a high-tech prison to curtail notorious inmates’ freedom! [referring to the super-max prison for drug dealers]
Lower right: Members of parliament use their freedom to vote in ballots on behalf of others! [referring to the many MPs who act in behalf of banned politicians]

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