Absolve the people immediately

From Thairath, October 26, 2013
On wall at left: This alley is under control of an oligarchy.
Red Shirts, wearing headbands with UDD on them, are holding signs that say: No amnesty bill for whom ordered to kill people; Don’t forget this place has dead bodies.
On the back of the man’s jacket: Pheu Thai SET ZERO [Thaksin’s term to describe the bill to reset the political clock to zero for all players]
On the basket: Amnesty bill
Papers in the basket: Release political prisoners; Thaksin; Release Mark and Thuag [Democrat leaders Abhisit and Suthep]
On the street sign: Absolute Democracy
The wall on the right: This alley is too dark and long. We have to walk together.
Phi Nooring: Be careful, it will probably be ended at the beginning of the alley.
A mouse: Absolve the people immediately.

[The cartoon is trying to say that the attempt of Pheu Thai party to push the blanket amnesty bill is not easy. Not only the opposition, but Red Shirts do not support this bill. Thus the government has to make sure it has the Red Shirts on its side as it tries to get the bill passed as many enemies oppose it.]

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